30 Days of Geneius + Unlimited Live Q&A

30 Days of Geneius + Unlimited Live Q&A

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Billy's exact strategy of what he would do to make $10k in 30 days if he had 0 team, 0 brand, 0 money. Here's how Billy's "30 Days of Geneius" step-by-step plan works:

  1. Every day Billy will send you an email with a set of 5-minute videos and instructions. Watch, read, and then execute the daily task.
  2. You’ll be added to our members-only Facebook group for support and more importantly accountability!
  3. Repeat steps one and two for 30 days.

BONUS: Unlimited* LIVE support from our team! Join weekly Q&A’s to make the most out of these 30 days and get your questions answered by a real expert every week, even after the 30 days end. *Note: "Unlimited" means for as long as this program exists.